Facilities Maintenance

Nichols Brothers Facilities Maintenance team is more than just a repair crew; they are behind-the-scenes of day-to-day operations, supporting the shipyard in every capacity.

A shipyard is a very complex environment; therefore, it takes several different specialties to support the operations, from tool repair, to rolling stock mechanics, material handling, grounds and building repair and maintenance and everything in-between.

Nichols Brothers Facilities Maintenance team is made up of 20 men and women, all specializing in one or more department segments.

Material Handling

  • Receive incoming plate and raw material.
  • Manage Storage and distribution of plate and raw material.
  • Deliver plate and raw material to production site by certified crane operators.

Tool & Equipment Maintenance

  • Electrical repair.
  • Power tool repair.
  • Welding equipment repair.
  • Power distribution onboard vessels.
  • Maintain rolling stock.

Tool Distribution

  • Control of yard tool check in/out to all personnel.
  • Manages Vendor managed inventory.
  • Performs Safety harness inspections and certifies for harnesses use.

Buildings and Grounds Janitorial

  • Janitorial duties of all building and facilities.

Building and Grounds Repair and Maintenance

  • cleans, repairs, and maintains buildings, grounds, equipment, and related facilities; skills include carpentry, painting, and plumbing.

Forklift Operators

  • Assists with moving material around the yard for production.

Inbound/Outbound Freight

  • Pickup & delivery of materials with haul capacity of 10,000lbs.

Environmental Storm water

  • Maintains electro-cucullated storm water system.
  • Filters water to less than five (5) parts per billion copper for discharge.
  • Maintains Spill response policies and procedures.
Kyle Statia

Steph Rogers

Material Handling Specialist

"Nichols Brothers is a reliable company to work for, with a positive atmosphere which makes it easy to enjoy your job. My team’s job is keeping an accurate count on the inventory and getting the materials delivered safely to the boats. The best part about Nichols is being a part of the team and launching the finished product."

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