Machinist Department

Nichols Brothers Machine Shop are not just machinery installers; they install, align, and test ALL machinery components of some of the world’s most POWERFUL vessels.

machine-top-paragraph-small.jpgNBBB’s Machinist specialize in both Inside Machinery and Outside Machinery.

NBBB’s Inside Machinists are expert operators of typical machine shop equipment, including: lathes, drill presses, shapers, milling machines, grinding machines, boring mills, and portable tools used on the production floor. Inside Machinists are also proficient in reading precision instruments, including; micrometers, calipers, and indicators. These skills allow NBBB’s Machinists to master the techniques for cutting tools, adjustments, measurements, speeds, and feeds.

NBBB’s Outside Machinists are experts in the installation of pumps, refrigeration units, compressors, ventilation fans, cooling coils, radars and antennas, anchor handling equipment, sea valves, steering gear, and propulsion machinery. This takes proficient knowledge of blueprint reading, precision tooling, mathematical skills, and machinery equipment. An outside machinist is also skillful in the procedures of line boring, alignment of machinery, bearing fitting, machinery assembly, surface machining, precision reaming and machinery testing.

NBBB does offer a machinist course through our CRAFT Apprenticeship Program, where entry level personnel learn the skills to lead up to a journeyman Inside and/or Outside Machinist. 

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