Conversion & Repair

Conversion & Repair

In addition to Nichols Brothers Boat Builders new-build vessel portfolio, NBBB has an extensive history of repair and conversion projects. 

Freeland; Full-Service Repair Facility

NBBB has the capacity to haul and launch vessels up to:langley-2017.jpg

  • 18’ draft
  • 250’ in length
  • 2500 short tons

Over the last five years Nichols has completed several repair and conversions projects to include:

  • Seven (7) Catamaran Repowers
  • Five (5) Tugboat Repairs
  • Over ten (10) barge repair projects
  • Two Fishing Vessel projects including a 10’ stern extension

Langley; Pier-Side Facility

NBBB’s Langley facility can be utilized for pier-side work to include:

  • Outfitting and Furnishing
  • Vessel Trials
  • Service Work
  • Dock side maintenance of all types

The pier is capable of accommodating vessels of up to:

  • 250’ in length
  • 20’ draft

The Langley Facility is supported by the fully operational 17-acre Freeland facility just 10 miles to the north.

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