Safety & Environmental


Nichols Brothers Safety Statement

‚ÄčNichols Brothers Boat Builders is dedicated to creating a safe and productive work place for all employees, customers, vendors, and contractors alike. NBBB strives to go above and beyond state, federal, and local compliance, which ensures the success of NBBB’s Safety Program. The Maritime Industry is a dangerous place to work, although all accidents are preventable. NBBB’s Safety program is based on the employee’s approach: Safety Proactive, rather than reactive. For more information on NBBB’s Safety Program please contact our Safety Department.

Our Emergency Response Team

Nichols Brothers Boat Builders Emergency Response Team (NBBB ERT) is made up of 12 members. All members are trained in firefighting, EMS, Rescue, and Hazmat/ Spill Control. The NBBB ERT responds to all fire, medical, rescue, and or hazmat responses within the facility. The team regularly trains with the local Fire Department and Hospital; Island County Fire District #3 and Whidbey General Hospital EMS, as well as performs in house drills on a monthly basis. 

For more information on NBBB’s Emergency Response Team, please contact our Safety Department.

Joe Hilton
Safety Manager
(360) 331-5500 ext 336 office
(360) 909-8685 cell
(360) 331-7484 fax


Our Environmental Efforts

Our mission is to continually improve the environmental impact of Nichols Brothers Boat Builders, by implementing shipyard best management practices, continued environmental training for our Stormwater department personnel, and our shipyard personnel in general. To foster an environment that ensures the waters of the State of Washington remain of the highest quality for our neighbors, our future generations and all who frequent our state waters.

Our Awards and Certificates

Awards: 2nd in Manufacturing category for 2011 Washington State Green 50

Certificates: All personnel trained and certified in the following:

  • Wavelonics Operators

Our Environmental Crew

Responsible for maintaining a successful Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan.

Scott Statia
Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
(360) 331-5500 Ext 340

Sean Hiday
Stormwater Program Administrator
(360) 331-5500 ext 340

For more information about Nichols Brothers Boat Builders Environmental Program, please contact the Stormwater Management personnel.

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