Weld Department

Nichols Brothers Welding Department is more than just a crew; they’re a team, they’re competitors, and they’re a unit. They work alongside each other, motivate each other, and challenge each other.

weld-top-paragraph-small.jpgThe weld team is made up of 45 core men and women who are dedicated to: personal growth within their trade, exceeding industry standards, and maintaining NBBB’s high-quality craftmanship expectations.

NBBB’s structural welders are expected to complete hundreds of inches of weld during an eight-hour day, with a desired outcome of a quality joint on every weld. Ninety-nine percent of the time, our welders meet or exceed this daily production goal and specification.  With a daily goal in mind our welders keep their hoods down until their jobs are done. When the task is complete, each welder reflects on the task with the weld supervisor or leadmen, who then signs off the area to be inspected by the quality control department and regulatory agencies.

NBBB’s welders are categorized by skills and experiences, and progress within the company as they develop in the weld trade. NBBB’s weld department structure is made up of:

Apprentice I, II & III: entry level to 2,500 on the job hours.

Journeymen: Upon completion of the apprenticeship program and passing our weld written and physical tests, apprentices graduate and become journeymen. journeymen are mesured on weld speed, accuracy, testing, experience and quality.

Nichols Brothers Journeymen welders are expected to have formal external or internal training in: physics, chemistry, weld equipment care and operating, blue print reading, metallurgy, SMAW/TIG welding, and advanced welding principles of FCAW/GMAW welding processes. All Journeymen welders must be certified or certifiable in USCG or ABS welding. 

Aaron Cooper

David Summerland

Welding Lead

"The main reason I am a welder at Nichols Brothers is the trade itself. You are always learning new things, trying new things and doing something different. I have worked at Nichols since 2005 always as a welder and I am now a leadman. I love our crew and our supervisor Aaron Cooper because of everything he has taught me! The people and knowledge at Nichols Brothers is unbelievable! To be a great welder you have to be open minded and willing to learn, and also willing to admit that you can never know everything."

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