Pipe Systems Department

Nichols Brothers pipe department personnel are not just pipe fitters and pipe welders, they are “master pipe tradesmen”.pipe-top-paragraph-small.jpg

Nichols Brothers pipe department is made up of 32 individuals who specialize in pipe fitting or pipe welding. Both trades require attention to detail, passion to master the trade, and

precise crafting.

NBBB Pipefitters perform some of the most precise work in the shipbuilding industry. Large complex piping systems are required onboard vessels with little space for installation, these systems make up the functionality of the vessel and is a major component of the vessels operation. Pipe fitters are trained in the fundamental skills and techniques of pipe fabrication, installation, inspection and testing.  Blue print reading is an essential job function and a skill pipefitters retain as expert blueprint reading, which they must apply to their day-to-day tasks.

NBBB pipe welders are considered master tradesmen. These welders must certify in stick welding and tig welding for various types of material; and must weld in several positions with different types of applications, materials, and conditions. NBBB pipe welders are masters at confined welding, mirror welding and various element welding.

NBBB’s Journeymen are considered masters at their trade and continue to lead by example and teach the next generation of pipe fitters and welders through NBBB’s pipe systems apprenticeship program.

Rocky Hawkins

Chris Ottoman

Pipe Administration

"For me, working at Nichols Bros has been about discovering what I’m made of through challenging tasks. It has given me the opportunity to learn a valuable trade in the apprenticeship program that can be taken anywhere. Most importantly, there is a strong sense of being in a community that genuinely cares about the well-being of its members."

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