Paint Department

Nichols Brothers paint department are not just painters; they are coating specialists, safety specialists, and environmentalist.

paint-top-paragraph-cat-small.jpgNBBB’s marine painters are experts in the vessel painting process; from proper perpetration techniques, safety and environmental hazard awareness, application best practices, and coating quality and inspection.

NBBB’s paint department is faced with challenges including weather conditions of the Pacific Northwest, strict regulatory rules and guidelines, and local environmental requirements. NBBB recognizes these challenges and have developed methods and procedures to overcome. NBBB’s paint department is one of the most efficient marine vessel paint divisions in the industry within the pacific northwest.

Proper training is crucial, and all necessary training is offered to entry level and apprentice personnel through classroom material and on-the-job training through NBBB’s CRAFT apprenticeship program.

Phil Willis

Craig Jager

Journeyman Painter

"I started working at Nichols in May 2015. With knowledge of working in the residential paint industry, I came to Nichols as an apprentice 1 to learn the marine paint trade. Working at Nichols has been very exciting. It’s been a very growing experience advancing from apprentice 1 to Journeyman. Phil, my supervisor brought me on, and taught me what I need to excel in the department. It amazes me how smart everyone is here it’s; marvel ingenuity."

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