May 08, 2017 by Nichols Boats

NBBB launches the M/V Mount Baker, a 120' Tugboat for Kirby Offshore

May 2, 2017

FREELAND, WA – Nichols Brothers Boat Builders (NBBB) launched the first of two (2) 120’ x 35’ x 19’-3” Twin-Screw Tugboats for Kirby Offshore Marine (KOM) On May 2, 2017. The M/V Mount Baker will join KOM’s fleet in May 2017 while the sister-ship M/V Mount Drum will be delivered in November 2017.  These vessels will be the third and fourth vessels NBBB has delivered to KOM in the last year.

The 120’ x 35’ x 19’-3” tugboats are a Jensen Maritime Consultants, of Seattle Washington, design.  The vessels are fully ABS classed, including UWILD notation, and compliant with USCG Subchapter C, as required at delivery.

Powered by two Caterpillar 3516C, 2447 BHP at 1600 rpm main engines with Reintjes reduction gears turning two NautiCAN fixed pitched propellers with fixed nozzles. These vessels also have two John Deere 6090AFM85 generators for electrical service.  Deck machinery includes one TESD-34 Markey tow winch, one CEW-60 Markey electric capstan, and one M&S Marine Solutions Tow Pin.

Kirby Offshore Marine is the largest United States operator of coastal tank barges and towing vessels participating in the regional distribution of refined petroleum products, black oil and crude oil, as well as the distribution of petrochemicals between Petroleum Administration and Defense Districts.

Nichols Brothers Boat Builders has over 50 years experience in vessel construction; specializing in steel and aluminum new builds, repair and major conversions. NBBB is located in the Pacific Northwest in Freeland, Washington.  For additional information or to contact Nichols Brothers Boat Builders go to the company website at