apprentice.jpgGrow into your trade and your role with our comprehensive state-certified apprentice programs.  We offer challenging and engaging learning programs that are designed to specifically meet the needs of all craft employees through a variety of learning delivery methods including classroom instruction, on the job training, books, videos, and mentoring. As an industry leader, NBBB employs industry experts, and learning from these experts is one of the ways we help you to develop and build your career. Though our apprenticeship programs, you will have the learning tools at your disposal to drive your career in the maritime and shipbuilding industry.

Entry Level 

Start your career with immediate responsibility, challenge, and an opportunity for career advancement at NBBB. Through NBBB’s apprenticeship and training programs, success is reachable and opportunity is plentiful. NBBB wants you to be able to start to build your own shipbuilding and maritime construction career.

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