Electrical Department

Nichols Brothers Electrial crew are more than just Marine Electricians, they are the power behind safe, reliable and efficient vessels.

eshop.jpgNichols Brothers Marine Electricians are masters within their trade. Electrical components of a ship are the vital mechanisms of a working vessel, and more and more ships are becoming dependent on technological components. NBBB’s Electricians are experts in the layout, installation, hookup and testing of every electrical system aboard each of our projects.

All NBBB electricians are knowledgeable in DC circuits, AC circuits, digital electronics, active devices, motor controls, programmable logic controllers, and electronic communications.

NBBB electrical department is made up of 20 individuals ranging from entry level to 35+ years’ experience as a marine electrician. With evolving technologies our electrical department continues to grow rapidly. 

Tim Peterson

Chad Formhals

Journeyman Tradesman

Over the last eight years while working at Nichols I have had the chance to work in several departments, and expand my cross-trade skill set. Nichols recognizes my ability to adapt to what is most pressing at any given time. I currently support the electrical shop, where I am always learning something new. I really enjoy being a marine electrician, it's one of the best jobs in the yard. 

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