Matt Nichols, EVP

Meet our Sales Team

Nichols Brothers sales philosophy is to offer each customer a high-quality craftsmanship vessel, the best value overall, and operational excellence. Nichols Brothers works hand-in-hand with Owner’s Representatives, naval architects, and with suppliers to ensure each vessel exceeds the Owner’s expectations. Our entire production and support teams are dedicated to the growing success of our company and our customer’s operations.

Nichols Brothers, the northwest’s premiere custom boat builder was established in Freeland, Washington on Holmes Harbor of Puget Sound in 1964. Since then the company has built over 190 new vessels, with major industry milestones. In the late 1970’s early 1980’s Nichols produced over 10 new fishing vessels that are still servicing the Alaska’s commercial fishing fleet today. In 1984 Nichols Brothers launched the first high-speed catamaran into America waters, and have built 34 catamarans and counting. Nichols Brothers has also succeeded in tug construction with over 20 tugs built since the 1980’s.  Nichols is very proud of their ability to adapt to all custom vessel needs, and has an extensive portfolio including a wide range of vessels across the workboat and passenger industry sectors.

Nichols Brothers are members of the American Waterway Operators, Passenger Vessel Association and Ship Builders Council of America. 

Matt Nichols

Matt Nichols

Executive Vice President of Sales

Matt Nichols, Executive Vice President of Sales at Nichols Brothers Boat Builders (NBBB) has over 55 years experience in the boat building industry. In 1972 Nichols took ownership of Nichols Brothers Boat Builders previously owned and operated by his father, Frank Nichols who founded the company in 1964.

Matt’s insight on the growing market for a new kind of passenger vessel; light, fast, sea-kindly and fuel efficient: the aluminum-hull catamaran; which was introduced to American waters by NBBB as the high-speed catamaran, and put NBBB in the stream light. From there NBBB’s projects grew a reputation of quality craftsmanship, and excellent vessel performance with fuel and environmental efficiencies.

Now, with new Owners of Nichols Brothers, Matt Nichols is still a vital part of business development and leads the sales department, while also serving on the board of Directors.

Matt Nichols graduated high school, spent four years in the US Air Force before attending College. He is now married with five children, 10 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.  

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