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Tool Room Attendant

The Tool Room Coordinator   enables efficient shop manufacturing workflow by ensuring that all company-owned tools and supplies are stored, assigned, serviced and accounted for in a manner that meets the shipyard’s needs. This position will serve a variety of stakeholders including the frontline production worker, Finance, Facilities Management, Safety and Human Resources

Key Roles & Responsibilities

• Receives and stores tools, equipment and supplies and subsequently issues them to yard employees.
• Keeps a log of tools and materials that have been issued, then follows up to ensure that items are returned as scheduled and in good working order.
• Providing complete and accurate data on tool supply and location, monitoring the organization and physical storage/accessibility of tools

• Alert Purchasing and Manufacturing Operations management of issues of under-supply or excess supply that may impact project progress or profitability.

• Oversee, explain and administer the Tool Purchase Program
• Perform required tool room administrative functions.
• Issue tools, equipment, and personal protective equipment to clients as needed.
• Accurately and efficiently maintain applicable job cost accounting reports with respect to assigned tools, supplies and equipment
• Ensure return of issued tools, kits and equipment back to the tool room after use.
• Check for damages or unusable condition of tools, supplies and equipment.
• Organize tools and equipment on shelves and racks for easy access.
• Maintain tool room equipment manuals, processes and operational guidelines.
• Perform minor or routine maintenance to pneumatic tools or have tools and equipment sent out for repair. Examples include saws, grinders, fans, blowers, chain-falls, come-a-longs, clamps, welding leads, and welding wire.
• Helps investigate or search for/locate lost or misplaced tools and equipment.
• Prepares periodic inventory or maintains perpetual inventory of tools and equipment, manually or using computer.
• Maintain accurate records of each NBBB and agency employee's current tool account and produce reports on same upon request
• Perform inventory of the tools and supplies in the tool room
• Issues consumable / job specific items to requesting employees and keeping a list of items issued to employees for inventory purposes

• Inspects and measures tools and equipment for defects and wear, and reports damage; Route damaged, dull and broken tools for repair, sharpening and or replacement
• Take proactive measures to facilitate accurate, timely, and efficient storage and access to tools and supplies.
• Maintain, update and manage communications and message boards at this critical communications hub of the shipyard.
• Perform other duties as assigned and as workload may require


Required Qualifications
• Must have excellent organization, communication, and customer-service skills
• The ability to multi-task in a fast-paced manufacturing environment
• The ability to form and maintain positive relationships with frontline production workers and support staff.
• Strong command of the use MS Word, Outlook, and Excel for communication purposes and the creation of spreadsheets for record keeping.
• Able to lift at least 50 lbs
• Able to work independently to complete responsibilities
• Must have regular, reliable attendance
• Good written and verbal communications skills.
• Good organizational skills.
• Able to stand for long periods of time.
• Able and willing to work some weekends.
• High School Diploma / GED
• Strong attention to detail
Preferred Qualifications:
• The experience and skills to use hand tools and power tools
• Prior experience as a tool room attendant.
• working knowledge of various hand tools, materials and equipment used in shipyard repair operations
• Proficient with the use of hand and power tools
• Bilingual -- Spanish speaking.
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