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Riggers are responsible for preparing materials for transport by crane or forklift, determining rigging selection, ensuring proper maintenance and rotation of rigging and providing operators with proper hand signals and tag line assistance during lifts. Riggers also move material with forklifts and small telescoping cranes as needed.

To Apply: Submit completed application form online via email to or via USPS to Nichols Brothers Boat Builders, Attn: Human Resources. PO Box 580, Freeland, WA 98249. NBBB's application form is available for download by clicking here.  

Key Roles & Responsibilities

 Works with Crane Operator to choose and attach lifting apparatuses to material for transportation by crane or fork lift.
 Provides hand or radio signals to crane operator to ensure the safe movement of materials during crane lifts.
 Understand lift dynamics and various lift configurations for slings, straps, cable, chain, bracket, and plate clamps.
 Knowledge of shackles, straps, cables, braces, brackets and other rigging tools lift capacities, required maintenance, and safety checks.
 Able to safely operate forklifts up to 12 tons to transport materials to various departments and deliver needed materials to employees.
 Control taglines for small and large lifts following directions of the Operator in charge.
 Assist in stabilizing materials and vessels after transport with cribbing under the direction of the Operator in charge or Launch crew supervisor.
 Use various hand and power tools in daily operations to assist in preparation of materials for transport or general clean up after transport.
 Other tasks as assigned.


Mandatory Experience
o High School Diploma or Equivalent
o Experience operating forklifts
o Able communicate in English
Preferred Experience
o 3+ Years experience rigging
o Experience and knowledge of rigging and its application in the Shipbuilding and Repair industry
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