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Marine Painter

NBBB has been building boats on beautiful Whidbey Island since 1964. We are in Freeland, WA where we produce state-of-the-art vessels; tugs, ferries, fire boats, fishing vessels, barges, dinner boats, along with many other sophisticated ships. We build an astonishing variety of vessels and lead in adopting innovative marine technology to serve our customers' needs. We are seeking a Journeyman Marine Painter.

The Journeyman Marine Painter will work primarily in surface preparation and painting of marine vessels currently under production.

To Apply: Submit completed application form online via email to or via USPS to Nichols Brothers Boat Builders, Attn: Human Resources. PO Box 580, Freeland, WA 98249. NBBB's application form is available for download by clicking here.  

Key Roles & Responsibilities

• perform duties associated with abrasive blasting operations for surface preparation of interior and exterior tanks, engine room and interior compartments and other sites as required by each project based upon specifications for each vessel.
• prepare coating materials by blasting, cleaning, preparing, masking and mixing in various additives such as two or three-part paints for:
o tanks,
o voids,
o bilges,
o passageways,
o machinery/propulsion spaces,
o interior bulkheads and exterior surfaces with the proper applications with brushes or rollers, for the paint millage required by written technical direction.
• Perform needle gunning, hand or mechanical sanding to prepare the surface for final painting.
• Meet environmental requirements and best Shipyard practices in acquisition, application, removal and disposal of paint, paint waste or residuals in accordance with OSHA requirements and federal and state laws
• Apply paint free of discontinuities, for example: holidays, runs, and drips.
• Work as a member of a team.
• Perform other tasks as directed.


• Knowledge of shipyard safety practices,
• High School Education or equivalent or vocational education
• Team Player
• 4+ Years' experience as a Marine Painter

Preferred Requirements
• Certification as a C-12 air sprayer and C-14 airless sprayer (NACE/NBPI; SSPC standards)
• Certification as a C-7 blaster (NACE/NBPI; SSPC standards).
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