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Machinery Assembler

Machinery Assemblers are responsible for the installation and alignment of major equipment and propulsion systems as well as custom fabrication of machinery components, foundations, and various sub assemblies in support of other departments.

To Apply: Submit completed application form online via email to or via USPS to Nichols Brothers Boat Builders, Attn: Human Resources. PO Box 580, Freeland, WA 98249. NBBB's application form is available for download by clicking here.  

Key Roles & Responsibilities

• Installs and aligns major equipment and propulsion systems including, main engines, gear boxes, pumps, shafts, jet drives, propellers, rudders, and Z-drive systems.
• Forms, fits and fabricates structural machinery foundations to blue prints from steel or aluminum including layout and MIG and Arc welding and tacking of components.
• Builds custom components will lathe, milling, drilling, and molding operations.
• Responsible for final alignment and lock down of main engines and gear boxes during sea trials.
• Responsible for layout, cutting, forming, machining and preparation and final assembly of all work assignments.
• Uses a variety of mounted and hand power tools, including lathe, milling machine, grinder, drills, dial calipers, torque wrenches, etc.
• Test and inspect machine parts and equipment to ensure tolerances are within owner specifications and regulatory requirements.
• Uses standard and metric measurements and conversions.
• Uses a variety of metal forming equipment such as sheer, break, roll, press, band saw, etc.
• Works with Oxygen Propane torches and Plasma cutters.
• Knowledge of shipyard safety practices, vessel terminology and use of scissor and boom lifts.
• Maintains work area and equipment in clean and orderly condition and follows all safety policies and regulations.
• Works as a member of a team or alone, using adaptability and problem solving to complete assigned tasks.
• Responsible for expressing ideas clearly and concisely both orally and in writing.
• Perform other tasks as directed.


Physical Requirement
• Work outside exposed to all weather conditions
• Able to work at heights above 10ft
• Able to lift 50lbs
• Work on hard and uneven surfaces
• Work in confined and awkward spaces
• Ability to wear a respirator

Job Requirements
Mandatory Requirements
• High School Education or Equivalent
• Able to understand a perform basic mathematics
• Knowledge of basic hand and power tools
• Understanding and experience with lathe and milling machines (Journeyman)
• Team Player
• 3+ Years experience as a Machinery Assembler, or Machinist (Journeyman)
• Willingness to learn the trade and demonstrated aptitude (Entry Level)
• Able and willing to attend class room training for 144hrs per year while in training (Entry Level)

Preferred Requirements
• Experience in a marine construction environment.
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