Casey Williamson

Meet our Ship Fitting Team

Nichols Brothers Boat Builders fitting department is committed to Safety, quality craftsmanship, team building, and continued improvement.

Quality, our core focus. NBBB strives to achieve and exceed high-quality standards set by Nichols long lasting industry reputation, high-quality vessel construction. The fitting department takes the extra step when fabricating, assembling and erecting structural vessel components. Each employee is dedicated to quality and teamwork.

Team building, Nichols Brothers currently has 100 fitting personnel on staff and foresee this number growing. A quarter of these employees have been with Nichols for over two decades, and are teaching the next generation of boat builders, passing down the tricks of the trade. Our journeyman apprenticeship ratio in the fitting department is 4:1, with an additional 14 individuals leading the fitting department to include leadsman, foreman, vessel construction supervisors and the fitting department supervisor. Fitting personnel go through rigorous training to include all safe practice training courses, some are shipyard competent, ERT members, and crossed trained amongst other departments.

The constant improvement philosophy held by the fitting department was established to not only encourage each and every employee to be successful in their career, but to also keep up with industry innovations. Nichols is continuously adapting to new technologies and tooling to ensure the quality of the vessels are above par.

Casey Williamson

Cory Buzard

Journeyman Ship Fitter

“I’ve been here at Nichols Brothers for 11 years, starting out as a painter. I wanted to increase my skill set so I decided to get into ship fitting. I got a chance to work with one of the best ship fitters ever, Mel Grimm. Ever since then I enjoy coming to work everyday. I get a chance to work with some of the best people in the business. For the nine years I’ve been fitting there is still always something new to learn everyday. I enjoy the team player aspect and I love how family oriented Nichols Brothers is.

Working here is a different animal everyday, which is challenging in itself. We work safe and always watch out for each other. I believe our safety department is one of the best.”

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