Aaron Cooper

Meet Our Welding Team

One machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men. No machine can do the work of an extraordinary man.

-Elbert Hubbard

Nichols Brothers welding department is particularly proud of the quality welding each and every welder is capable of doing. Safety comes first, quality is priority and team building is the foundation for the weld departments success.

Nichols Brothers welding department contains three of the twelve Emergency Responders. These people help teach, maintain, and motivate safety awareness and the safety culture within the welding department. All welders are trained with proper tool use, fire watch, and necessary cross trade training to efficiently and safety perform their job duties.

Quality is a priority for the welding department. In fact, quality is competitive amongst Nichols welders. Each person strives to preform and learn the trade inside and out. All of Nichols welders and ABS certified and specialize in steel welding. In addition, Nichols has a team of welders that are cross trained specializing in aluminum welding. Nichols trains people in all aspects of welding from; structural wire fed welding, sub arching, and automation to name a few. Nichols welders love a challenge, because they know their all extraordinary welders.

The welding team is just that, extraordinary. Nichols employs 35 core welders, and 30 plus contracted welders. Nichols has recently invested in a welding center, where all onboard practical and written tests are performed before joining the Nichols team as a Journeyman.  Apprentices are also trained and tested in the welding center giving one-on-one instructor time. It takes basic welding knowledge, exceptional work ethic, desire for the trade, hand eye coordination, and passion for being part of a team; to be an extraordinary welder at Nichols Brothers.  

Aaron Cooper

David Summerland

Welding Lead

"The main reason I am a welder at Nichols Brothers is the trade itself. You are always learning new things, trying new things and doing something different. I have worked at Nichols since 2005 always as a welder and I am now a leadman. I love our crew and our supervisor Aaron Cooper because of everything he has taught me! The people and knowledge at Nichols Brothers is unbelievable! To be a great welder you have to be open minded and willing to learn, and also willing to admit that you can never know everything."

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